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Bulk SMS

Email to SMS Solution - Sending SMS using Email

Our Email to SMS solution allows you to send SMS text messages from any email program. Requires no additional software, you may use your existing email programs/clients.

Here is how you can Reap the Tangible Benefits:
- Generate more sales by communicating with your customers (Eg, New Product Launches, Promotions)
- Work Less and Save Time communicating effectively with your members (Eg. Meeting, Announcement, Invitation)
- Reduce Administrative Work by Sending Alerts and Notification (Eg. Reminder, Late payment)
- Build strong customer relationships

Email to SMS Solution

Email SMS Key Feature
- No additional software required - Use your existing email program
- Easy to setup
- Use multiple emails to send SMS

Free Trial
Free Trial
Why use One Way SMS?
Effective (reach your target market)
Easy to use (multiple options available)
Fast & Reliable
Secure Access
Support Multiple Countries
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back Guarantee
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