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Business Bulk SMS Solution - Sending SMS using Our Online System

Welcome to UK Preferred and easy to use Web SMS service. Our simple online system is used by all various types of businesses from multi-national corporation to sole trader companies. With thousands of happy customers who have reaped the benefit from sending SMS with us, we strongly believe we can do the same for you. Don't just take our word for it, see our client testimonials

Here is how you can Reap the Tangible Benefits:
- Generate more sales by communicating with your customers (Eg, New Product Launches, Promotions)
- Work Less and Save Time communicating effectively with your members (Eg. Meeting, Announcement, Invitation)
- Reduce Administrative Work by Sending Alerts and Notification (Eg. Reminder, Late payment)
- Build strong customer relationships

Web SMS System
Full feature system accessible from any web-enabled computer (only requires a web browser and an internet connection).

Web SMS Key Feature
- Phonebook Management (Contacts / Groups)
- Import Contacts list from file
- Personalized Recipients Name in SMS
- Customizable Sender ID
- User Define SMS Template
- Multiple Users (Main Account / Sub User Account)
- Support Multi Language (Normal text or Unicode e.g. Chinese/Japanese Character)
- SMS Scheduling
- Online Delivery Report
- Order / Purchase History
- Opt out

Why use One Way SMS?
Effective (reach your target market)
Easy to use (multiple options available)
Fast & Reliable
Secure Access
Support Multiple Countries
Money Back Guarantee
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